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Walk This Way!

8 Feb

How cute is this?!


My Superbowl

6 Feb


Please excuse the mess…I just purged about 40+ books from my bookshelf yesterday and they’re still hanging out on the ground!!

Neely Laughing With Daddy

7 Nov

I posted on Facebook and Twitter already but in case you missed it here is a CUTE cute video!


20 Sep

I’m too tired to blog but I hope you enjoy my sweet baby girl!

From Neely

19 Jul

Neely Rolled Over!

14 Jul

15 Weeks!

8 Jul

This week has been the most fun week yet!
She is now more alert than ever. When she’s eating and hears a sound Neely will turn her head to find out what is making the noise and usually gift it with a huge grin.
She is all smiles and laughs which of course keeps me melted into a little puddle of love all day long!
She is my heart.

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