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Belly Progression Video!

16 Apr

Neely’s Birth Story (long and pic heavy)

31 Mar

As you remember, the last post I made was all about how Neely was still breech and I had to be on mostly bed rest until my induction date of April 7th.
Wednesday, March 24th, I got my hair done.

my 38 week belly and new hair!

After my appointment I tweeted the following:

After my hair appointment, I went home and laid down and read and rested. At about 7:30pm I was sitting on the toilet going pee and I felt a pop. It kind of felt like when your bone is out of place. I thought it felt funny and I remember a girl on Youtube saying that when her water broke she felt a pop but I didn’t truly think it was my water. So I continued peeing and I felt like I was peeing forEVER. It wasn’t a gush, just trickles. I thought that was odd but I again didn’t want to get my hopes up. I decided to wipe and get up and lay down. I knew that if it was my water it would come out even if I was laying down. I laid on the bed and immediately water ran down my leg soaking my pj bottoms! I was sooo excited and went back to sit on the toilet and called Brett. I had just talked to him and he was on the phone with his dad and wasn’t answering right away so I had to call him 3 times.
“Hey! Guess what?”
“My water just broke!”
“Serious?!? What do I do??”
I told him to keep driving home, haha. He stopped and got gas and then came straight home. We finished packing the rest of the hospital bag and making sure we had stuff for the dogs (they had to come with us since they’re so little and couldn’t be at home for hours on end without going potty).
I called my mom and my best friend to let them know. I didn’t want to let anyone else know because even though I knew it was my water breaking, I didn’t want to get to the hospital and get sent home, having to call everyone and tell them false alarm.
While Brett was driving home I called Labor & Delivery and told them my water broke. The reason I had to go right to the hospital was because I was a c-section and they couldn’t risk letting me dilate too much AND because her fluid was borderline low, they needed to monitor me. The nurse told me to come right there and they’ll probably admit me.
We got to the hospital and went to L&D. We had to wait in the admissions line for about 15 minutes while some dbag concerned husband asked every question known to mankind. And he spoke s-l-o-w-l-y. We were getting SO impatient because we didn’t know how critical the low fluid thing was and we basically didn’t know what was happening. And I was flooding my pants, lol.
We eventually got admitted and they had me in the pre-op room. For a while I was barely feeling contractions so I was happy! They told me they had to wait to do the surgery for 8 hours because I had eaten before my water broke. So we were in that room for-EV-er!

My auntie Pam and her future husband drove all the way down from Dana Point to see us! 
Brett’s parents were there almost as long as we were! It was so so nice to have them and my auntie there. It made us feel more secure some how! And seeing everyone’s excitement was awesome! (BTW can you believe how swollen my face was?!)

Eventually I began having pretty painful back labor so they gave me morphine. It helped but didn’t take all of the pain away. I am SO glad we took the baby preparation class because the breathing techniques were genius! I was able to breathe through all of my contractions!

And then, suddenly, it was time to go to surgery! By that point I had so many drugs in my system and I was SO tired that I almost felt hysterical. I didn’t say anything but in my mind I was thinking how NOT ready I was and how I wish I could wait a few more hours. But no, my surgery was scheduled for 3:30am and it was finally 3:30!
me in my hot surgery outfit moments before surgery

excited daddy-to-be

yawning from exhaustion

walking to surgery

If you’re squeamish, don’t look at the pic below. I know, it’s too late, you already looked, haha! The pic you’re looking at is Neely being pulled out of my womb. She was FOLDED IN HALF. Thank GOD I didn’t try for a vaginal delivery!!!! Isn’t that crazy?!?!
The c-section was AWESOME and the staff at Kaiser were soooooooo nice and friendly and funny!! I loved them!

meeting my daughter for the first time

I went to recovery for over an hour where Neely and I were skin to skin and I was able to breastfeed her for the first time. It was such an amazing time.
After recovery I was put in the postpartum room where I lived for 3 days. Recovery has been fairly easy. I have had pain, of course, but it’s nothing compared to the joy of having a baby.

I have never felt so peaceful or in love in my life. I feel like everything is complete and I just float around on a cloud of happiness all day. My staples are out and my incision is healing nicely. I can’t do any housework or lifting of heavy objects for 10 days (darn) or exercise for 6 weeks. I don’t mind, my whole world is consumed with this little miracle.

Thank you Jesus!

Not What I Was Hoping For…

22 Mar

We had our appointment with the OB today, nice lady.
She did an ultrasound and saw that I have borderline low amniotic fluid.
Neely is still breech and with the amount of fluid in there it’s not very likely that she’ll turn.
They only do c-sections in the 39th week so we have one scheduled for April 7th at 8am.
April 7th is our due date so that kinda sucks since we were hoping to go early!
If I go into labor on my own then the c-section will be sooner. (obviously)
And since my fluid is lowish I have to go twice weekly for NST‘s.
We did one today and Neely was moving great and I even had a few contractions but they found that my fluid was even lower than they thought. The OB thought I was at 8 (normal is 8.1 & above and low is 5 or under) but I’m actually at 7.4 or something. So since that is the newest discovery I’m no longer allowed to walk or cook or clean. Basically anything that keeps me on my feet is off-limits. I need to drink tons of water (I already drink almost 90oz a day) and lay down as much as possible.
My next NST is Thursday and I’ll continue to have them Mondays and Thursdays until I go into labor or have my scheduled c-section.

Kind of disappointing news but at least she seems healthy.

37 Week Video

19 Mar

Things I’ve learned this week: My face is crazy fat. And my feet are swollen. And my fingers are getting more and more swollen. Can’t wait to hold Neely in my arms and watch the weight fall off while breast feeding!!

Click pic for more detail!

B to the REECH

18 Mar

Had a doctor’s appointment today and found out she is BREECH! The last two appointments she was head down and today she is breech!
We have to see an OB on Monday (we’ve been seeing a midwife) where we will get another ultrasound to find out her position. IF she is still breech we will schedule a c-section. If she turns then most likely she’ll stay head down and everything will be fine.
We really weren’t expecting this but it’ll work out one way or the other! As long as I get to hold my girl within a few weeks I’m okay with either method of delivery!

37 Weeks!!!!!!!!!

17 Mar

Congratulations — your baby is full term! This means that if your baby arrives now, his lungs should be fully mature and ready to adjust to life outside the womb, even though your due date is still three weeks away.

Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel (like a stalk of Swiss chard). Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. But don’t be surprised if your baby’s hair isn’t the same color as yours. Dark-haired couples are sometimes thrown for a loop when their children come out as blonds or redheads, and fair-haired couples have been surprised by Elvis look-alikes. And then, of course, some babies sport only peach fuzz.

Full term!! That is such sweet music to my ears!! We are sooooooooooo excited to meet Neely!! My mom thinks she’ll be born SOON and so do a few other people. Others think I’ll be overdue but my brother and I were both 2 weeks early so I am holding out hope that I won’t have to wait the full 3 weeks until my due date!
I’ve been getting TONS of advice on how to jump-start the labor but I’m not going to do any of it…I’m just going to let her come when God decides it’s time! He knows best anyway!

Brett, the dogs, and I went to the beach today!

Why yes I DID rock the bikini! I bought the top at Old Navy this morning since my pre-pregnancy boobs were a small and my pregnant boobs are a LARGE.!!!
Tomorrow we have our second to last doctor appointment. They’ll give me that Group B Strep test and we get to have an ultrasound! They don’t check my cervix though which I think is weird. And only my last 2 appointments are every other week! Isn’t that silly? My next appointment is April 1st and I’m hoping against hope I won’t still be pregnant! Mainly because our insurance goes up April 1st and we’ll have to pay twice as much for our deductible. So if you could say a little prayer that she’s born before then, that would be rad!
I took a bunch of pictures of Neely’s nursery but I’ll post those in a few days…this post is already text overload!
I hope everyone is doing well!

36 Week Video Update!

12 Mar

Go to the actual youtube page for better quality AND if you want to leave a video comment!

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