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New Blog Home!

22 Feb

I have moved my blog over to:

It’s 1000 times better and I love it.
PLEASE update your links and follow me over there!
This will be the last post on this site!
See you over there!


46 Weeks!

10 Feb

(she was dancing)

As you all know this week was Neely’s biggest week yet! Two weeks to the day after she took her first steps, she  started walking! She now walks around very determined! She looks so cute heaving her little legs around. And I say heaving because that’s what it seems like she’s doing! Like her legs weigh 20lbs each or something! :)
Also this week on the same day she started walking, she finally learned to drink from a sippy cup!
My little baby is starting to not be much of a baby anymore!
Rather than being sad and sentimental about it, I am so happy and excited for what is to come. I love being with her every moment and seeing her new discoveries.
She is my joy!

Walk This Way!

8 Feb

How cute is this?!

My Superbowl

6 Feb


Please excuse the mess…I just purged about 40+ books from my bookshelf yesterday and they’re still hanging out on the ground!!

First Birthday Planning Underway

26 Jan

Neely’s FIRST birthday party is in less than 2 months!
When I was growing up my mom always threw great parties for me.
She always made my cake too.
That is important to me; to throw Neely great parties and make her cake.
Her party is going to be owl themed. Did I already mention that? I can’t remember.
The invitations are going to be:

made by me. Obviously!
I love love them. I also love the colors that I happened to choose and those will be her party colors.

So far I have plans to make owl cupcakes and an owl cake. I think the owl cake, fancy as it may be, will probably be Neely’s cake because afterall, it is her birthday!
I am still on the hunt for cute classy touches, so if you see of anything that meets the criteria, send it my way! :)

What are your plans for your child’s next birthday? Or if you don’t have a child, what are your plans for your next birthday?
As soon as Neely’s birthday is over I have to start thinking about Brett’s 30th which is in July! This is the year of big birthdays!



Ten Months!

25 Jan

My newborn is ten months old today!
Yesterday afternoon, while at my aunt’s house visiting my grandma, Neely took her first steps! She seemed to want something so bad she forgot that she couldn’t walk, took a step then remembered that she’s too young to walk and sat down! It was pretty cute.
I still haven’t gotten it on video, though I’m trying! I will be video stalking her until I get it!
She has changed SO much this past month.
She crawls at the speed of light; I blink and she’s in the kitchen trying to eat the dog food!
She discovered her voice more and she now screams with excitement or laughter or joy. It’s so cute and funny!
She gives kisses without being asked for one. Every morning that she wakes up too early I bring her into our bed to try and get her to sleep longer. It usually doesn’t work but we do get showered in sweet open-mouthed kisses every morning.
She has her own mind, she knows what she wants and when she wants it and she will do whatever she can to get it. She knows what toys she wants and she knows when she wants to pet the dogs, she knows when it’s time to hug mommy and when she’s tired.
She has also started dancing this past month. Any time she hears music she’ll start shaking her booty and bending her knees. There is nothing cuter in the world than Neely dancing.

Am I right?
I am constantly amazed and overjoyed by my daughter.
She is the happiest and most loving baby.
There is rarely a time that she doesn’t have a smile on her face (except when she’s tired or teething).
She has also discovered her new favorite face.

So cute and silly!
Another new thing is climbing on the couch. She taught herself to climb on the couch last week and now every time she makes it up she screams with happiness! That is what she’s doing while I’m typing this. She’s climbing on the couch, throwing her current items (a spoon and dog collar) on the floor, climbing down, getting them and climbing back up (repeat).
Neely loves the beach and the sand! We’ve been lucky enough to have beach weather the past few weeks so I have been taking advantage of that!

She is so much fun. I love every moment I am given with her.
I am so thankful for her. In ten short months she has turned my world upside down and made my heart grow 10 times bigger than it’s original size.

Happy 10 months of blissful life, baby girl.
You are my heart.
Happy 10 months of the best life we’ve ever known, Brett.
You are an amazing father to Neely. She gasps with excitement every time you come home and open the door at night. You rock her to sleep each night and wake up to her kisses and face slaps each morning. You always have a smile on your face. You are the best daddy Neely could ever dream up. I am so thankful for you in her life. She will never ever question what God’s love is like because you are the perfect example of how a father loves his daughter.
You make my heart sing.

Friends Are Fun

10 Jan

This past weekend our household was graced with a visit from Lulu, my bff.
Although we spent the majority of our time at my house because I’m old and tired, we still managed to squeeze some fun in too!

watching her daddy play soccer

We had such a great weekend!!
Neely had a cold the entire weekend so that was sad and messy…and she got me sick. Lulu was already getting sick by the time she visited so we all kinda felt like junk the whole time.
But Neely is feeling better (even though she wipes her snot all over every shirt I wear) and tomorrow I am hoping she’ll feel MUCH better!

My mind is spinning with ideas for her first birthday…I have planned out most of it and now I just need to fight against my procrastinating nature to get it done early!
Did you have a good weekend?

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