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This and That

4 Jan

I am now a blonde.

I am a tired girl.
2011 so far has been good…as one of my million resolutions I said I was going to hang out with other moms more and so far I have twice! (well one was on New Year’s Eve day but still)
I am already setting plans in motion for Neely’s 1st birthday party…it’s SO CLOSE! I hope I can make it exactly the way I want!
Neely is still cute:

Brett and I are still over the moon for each other:

I still live in the most amazing city:

(I made that tiny in case someone wants to steal it)
I still haven’t painted a thing.
I still am trying to keep my house clean.
Brett and I have been eating only fruits,veggies, nuts and whole grains for the past 3 days.
It’s expensive and I don’t like cooking 3 times a day so we’ll see how long it lasts.
If I lose weight then I’ll do it for a while…but it made me realize how easy eating healthfully really is. People act like it’s impossible but it’s really simple. Don’t eat anything from a box. Don’t eat dairy, don’t drink anything but water (and coffee).
There are a million recipes that make it easy, you just have to plan EVERY SINGLE MEAL. And that is where I have had a problem. We plan a day and then tomorrow comes and we’re like “Oh yeah. We have to eat again. Crap.”
This song has been in my head ALL day. This version and everything. I love this song SO much:

That’s all for now. I’m going to try to put Neely down for the night. She suddenly has been waking SEVERAL times per night and wakes up and criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies her face off at 4:30am. I have eye bags. Grrrr.


4 Years and 2 Days

24 Jul

That’s how long we have been married. 4 years and 2 days.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I was married previously. I got married when I was 19 to a boy that I did not get along with. We had nothing in common except God and it wasn’t enough. I was young, he was stubborn and mean. Our marriage was horrible from the day we got back from our honeymoon. We actually fought on our honeymoon but that’s another story. I remember the night we drove away from my parent’s house, my house, I walked inside my new home and collapsed sobbing. I felt too young and I knew I had made a huge mistake.
That was after being married for about 9 days.
A couple years later we ended up divorcing. We fought constantly, he was violent (not towards me but our poor house had holes in the wall, broken closet doors…etc.), verbally abusive like crazy, and he was in a cult. Yes, it’s true, my ex husband joined a cult. He didn’t think it was a cult, but when you’re in one you never do, right?
All of that to say I was 22, broken, divorced and alone.
I was pretty sure that I had lost my chance to marry and I was so sad.
I dated a couple guys that were wrong for me, but it was just to pass the time.
Then in 2004 my grandpa died.
My wonderful amazing lovely grandpa.
Cancer ate his bones.
Before he died, while I was dating one of those wrong boys, my grandpa said, “Honey, God is going to bring you a man to marry.” And I said, “Grandpa, I’m already dating so and so.” He smiled and repeated what he said.
I firmly believe that God showed him Brett before he died so that he wasn’t worried.
And then he left us.
It was a pivotal point in my life.
It was the first time I had lost someone to death.
And to lose such a big part of me…I didn’t know what to do.
Soon after that, Brett came to Las Vegas with a friend who was working there.
(Brett and I were childhood friends/crushes who had never lost contact.)
And from then on, it was us.
I was terrified to fall in love with him, but I had to.
He was like one of my body parts; I couldn’t live without him.
And crazily enough, he felt the same way.
We dated long distance for a year and then I moved to San Diego to be near him.
He made me the happiest woman alive when he married me 4 years and 2 days ago.
It almost seemed too good to be true.
How many people get to marry someone who is absolutely perfect for them?? Judging by most marriages I see, not many.
Brett and I didn’t settle.
We married who God intended us to marry.

Since being married I have fallen deeper in love with him. Deeper than I thought possible.
And now with the addition of Neely, it’s like my heart is in two pieces, outside of my body.
They are my life.
Thank you Brett for marrying me 4 years and 2 days ago.
Thank you for making me remember every day why I am desperately in love with you.
You are amazing.
My dreamboat.

Happy Birthday!

6 Jul

Today Brett turned 29!!

He had a massive breakfast awaiting him when he woke up and we’re going to relax and hang out all day! He’s surfing right now and later tonight we’ll have friends over.
Birthdays on a budget aren’t super fancy and lavish (at all), but having an amazing marriage, family and life makes up for all the things I couldn’t buy him (at least that’s what he says!).
And I know love, above all, is the most important thing to him and he has that coming out of his ears! There is no man loved and adored more than my husband Brett.


True Love

25 Feb

Fran & Marlo Cowan (married 62 years) playing impromptu recital together in the atrium of the Mayo Clinic. He turned 90 in February. The song is Old Grey Bonnet.

Marlow and Frances Cowan, whose piano duet in Mayo Clinic’s Gonda Atrium has become a YouTube sensation, tell the story of their visit to Mayo Clinic last September and the story behind their video. They also describe the life philosophy that has guided their 62 years of marriage.

This is the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen. I love LOVE!


19 Oct

(without pics since I was too lazy tired to take any)

On the seventh day of my birth week my true love gave to me,
a trip to Disneyland
my new favorite boots (day 6)
dinner with rad friends (day 5)
an outfit from H&M (day 4)
a Blick gift card,
my favorite candy bar,
and a cute scarf from H&M!

It was an AWESOME birthday!!!
The flash on our camera broke a year ago and we haven’t gotten it fixed yet so at Disneyland we had to take the old-school route and use a disposable camera. I’ll post pics as soon as we get them developed!
On the baby side of things my belly is growing! I am starting to look pregnant! Woohoo! I bought my first pair of maternity jeans yesterday! I just need to get them hemmed (I’m 5’2) and then I will FINALLY be soooo comfy!! I have several belly bands  but it’s SO uncomfortable to sit down…the belly gets all squished and the zipper presses into me…it’s not good. So, yay! I can’t wait to wear them every single day!! 
I’ve also been having round ligament pain which is cool! It means my uterus is growing. 
I love being pregnant. I love everything about it!
I can’t WAIT until November 13th, that’s when we’ll find out the sex! 

[birth week] |day.3|

14 Oct

On the third day of my birth-week, my true love gave to me,
a Blick gift card,
my favorite candy bar,
and a cute scarf from H&M

This is actually a verry cute story.
He emailed me this morning saying he didn’t forget today’s gift, I would just have to wait until he got home tonight.
So I went and got my eyebrows done today and when I went to the front to pay the girl said, “Your ticket’s been taken care of courtesy of your husband.” And she handed me the envelope you see above and said, “Happy Birthday!”
Brett had gone during a lunch break and paid for my brows and set this up for me!!
Not only is that the cutest and sweetest thing EVER, but he is REALLY sick on top of it and he still puts me first!
God has given me the greatest man alive.

[birth week] |day.2|

13 Oct

(to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas)
On the second day of my birth-week, my true love gave to me,
my favorite candy bar,
and a cute scarf from H&M

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