About Me

I am 30.
You know when you’re 15 and you thought 18 year olds were ancient?
Yeah, that was me.
And now I’m thirty. Almost 40. Sheesh.

I love art and music. I like to say “I live for love. art is air. music is the blood that flows through my veins.” That pretty much describes me perfectly.
I love to paint and I love music so much it hurts.
I love passion.
I love LOVE.

I am married to the love of my life, my puzzle piece, my soul mate, Brett.
We have been married almost four years.
We have been together over six years.
We actually met when we were 4 and when I was 15 he was my first date.

We made out a few times in our teenage years…

We got pregnant in August 2008 and lost the baby at 8 weeks in September 2008. (this was my 2nd loss)
We were devastated.
We tried for 10 months to get pregnant.

We got pregnant in August 2009 and I was terrified most of the first trimester.
March 25, 2010 I gave birth to our amazingly beautiful daughter, Neely Opal.

She is the light of our lives.
She is the beginning of our life.
She is amazing.

God is so good.

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