Christmas Cards? Shutterfly!

9 Dec
I am thankful that Shutterfly is offering this promotion! As new parents sometimes money is tight and 50 free Christmas cards would definitely help!

Hey! It’s December 8th! Do you know where your Christmas cards are??
If you’re like me, they’re sitting in a pretty package wrapped up in your brain.
May I again remind us that it’s DECEMBER 8th?? I usually try to get my cards out early, as in no later than December 1st, but with being a new mom and trying to juggle life, thaaaaaat didn’t happen.
But it will! As we have in years past, we’re getting our photo Christmas cards from
Why Shutterfly and not somewhere else? I’ve only ordered from one other photo company before and the quality was not near as good as Shutterfly! Plus, they ship so fast and make the ordering process very convenient.
We even considered ordering Neely’s birth announcements from there, (see all birth announcement options here) but I decided to design them myself. We still ended up ordering from Shutterfly but prints only, not the formal announcements!
My favorite favorite photograph item in our house is the wedding album we made using Shutterfly. You see, our wedding was majorly DIY and we didn’t hire a typical wedding photographer. And while having a normal photographer saves money, it also means we didn’t get any photo packages. We got a photo cd with our pictures on it and that was it!
When I saw the 12×12 photo book option, I got to work! It was so easy and fun to choose and place photos. The quality is amazing. Everyone who has seen it (it’s on display in our house) says how professional it looks and we tell them where we made it!
In case you can’t tell, I LOVE Shutterfly!
Here are a couple Christmas card options I like for this year:

Now, I already made Neely’s first birthday invitations, but if, at the last minute I decide to go with something pre-made, I will probably choose one of these:

I especially LOVE this one, as Neely's party is Owl themed!

So if you’re like me and haven’t sent out your cards yet, go order them from Shutterfly right now!! You won’t be sorry! And please scan them to make an e-card so we all can see them too! :)

Merry card-making!


(Neely’s weekly photo will be posted later today!)


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