Meeting Santa

7 Dec

It didn’t occur to me to get Neely’s picture taken with Santa until a few weeks ago when my cousin Ali asked, “Are you going to get one of those screaming baby with Santa pictures?”
OH YEAH! I have a baby now and we have to do stuff like that!
Brett had the morning off so today was the day.
We got Neely dressed up in her purple velvet Christmas dress with black tights and took her to Horton Plaza mall downtown.
We parked in the parking garage and carried her down several flights of stairs to the middle of the mall.
No Santa.
We asked the concierge and she said Santa was only there on Black Friday and the 20th-24th. Um..ok…
So that sucked. And we were SO hungry since it was after 1pm. Neely was also hungry as she had not eaten since 8ish.
We then had to make a quick stop to get a check from someone and battle traffic to the other mall where we had previously seen Santa.
We parked at the wrong end of the mall so we had to walk sooo far!
We got to Santa’s little area and what do you know, he was on his lunch break!
He was due to arrive in 15 minutes so we went to Hallmark and looked for a “baby’s first Christmas” ornament.
We went back to Santa in 10 minutes and got in line.
He was 15 minutes late!!
AHH! Poor Neely started getting a bit fussy so we had to do everything in our power to distract her. Luckily, we were the second people in line!
All in all, the picture was worth the irritating day, wouldn’t you agree?


2 Responses to “Meeting Santa”

  1. GG 12/15/2010 at 8:43 am #

    Crying Neely is a classic shot, you should enter it into some contest!

  2. Cindie Vertefeuille 12/15/2010 at 8:16 pm #

    Love it!! Yes, it IS worth it!

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