All Over The Place

27 Aug

Lately my mind has been everywhere.
I’ve been trying to mother, be a wife, clean the house, water the yard, run, play with the dogs, text, call, ichat, hang out with friends, be a friend, be a daughter, plan birthdays, decorate my room, learn to sew, not think about money, think about money, think about how I need to paint, have a cold, have allergies, go to church, feel guilty for missing church, spend time with family…
And I must confess, I’m a bit overwhelmed.
I don’t feel overwhelmed all of the time, just sometimes.
And since last night I feel overwhelmed. There is just so much to do and so many people to make happy. So many people count on me.
I don’t really ever take time for myself because it’s impossible. While Neely is still breastfeeding it’s impossible to go anywhere for more than an hour because she still eats every 2 hours.
So I am spinning and trying and usually just end up not getting anything done.
Thank God for Brett or we’d never eat in this house.
I’m going to be 30 in less than 2 months.
I want need to be in shape by then or I’ll forever regret it. I need to have my waistline back. I had a 25 inch waist. Now it’s 29 inches. I need to have a waist again. That’s important to me. It’s important to me to fit into my old clothes.
I’ve been running and doing well at it.
I set a running goal of 25 miles by 9/23. My overall goal is to run for 45 minutes at a time. I’m up to 28 so I know that I can attain that goal. Brett runs with me and pushes the jogger. He’s the best.
I really want to sew more but I just don’t have time.
I really want to paint but I don’t have time and I certainly don’t have space while my sewing stuff is set up. Our house is 600 square feet so we’re cramped on space.
I also want to love more and talk less.
I don’t want to spend time having or holding idol conversations. So much of what I say doesn’t matter, it’s just noise. I want to speak mainly in love and leave the bad inside for God to remove.
I do pretty well at having a drama-free life.
I thrive in peace and happiness.
And love.

How are you doing? I really want to know. I think that support is key in accomplishing ANYTHING, even just mundane daily tasks.

Here’s your Neely photo fix!

Neely finally loves rice cereal!

5 month birthday!


Happy Birthday GG!!


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