Sick Girl

19 Jun

See how red her little eyes are?

I got my hair done at my friend’s house the other day (she’s my hair girl but did my hair a day early on her day off, hence the house visit) and her baby girl was sick. I figured it’d be okay because we just wouldn’t let them touch each other but apparently germs are ninjas and can spread in different ways.
So now we’re in Las Vegas and I think little Neely is sick.
She’s sneezing and coughing and snotting.
But she’s being a really really good sport about it. She is so cute.
And this morning she was talking to my mom sadly about her life. I took a video and will try and get it on here soon…it’s SO CUTE.
Right now she’s laying on the boppy on my lap alternately stroking and scratching my arm (I wonder what weird blog searches that will bring my blog lol) as she tries to fall asleep.
We’re hoping it’s just allergies, but I guess either way she feels miserable and it sucks!
I hope you are all having a good weekend!
Don’t forget to hug and kiss your dad!


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