Weight Loss

18 May

Life is SO much better in our house!
Neely is feeling better and is now eating every hour during the day. That means I can’t get one thing done but it’s okay, it’s not forever and I’m just happy she’s nursing again!

My auntie and my mom have been lecturing me about saying that I’m fat so I’m challenging myself to not speak those negative words about myself. As they say, I did just have a baby. (who is currently crying…okay I rocked her to sleep!) And…I’m going to be brave and start blogging about my weight loss/fitness stuff. Because if I know people are actually looking at how much I weigh then maybe I won’t eat those brownies lol!

Keep in mind that I’m 5’2 so if my goal weight seems low, that’s why. I’m short and should not weigh very much.

Fitness Goal #1: Fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans by the end of June.

  • This goal used to be set for May 29th (Emersen‘s cd release) but since my illness has taken over a week from working out…I’m giving myself an extension.
Fitness Goal #2: Weigh 105-110 by July 1st.

  • This is a HUGE weight loss goal..I’ve never lost that much weight in my life.
  • Before pregnancy I had never consistently weighed above 115 in my LIFE.
Fitness Goal #3: Feel comfortable with my body by my 30th birthday, October 17th.

  • Because who wants to enjoy their birthday when they feel fat??

Okay…it’s out there. Wish me luck!


One Response to “Weight Loss”

  1. Steph 05/18/2010 at 3:47 pm #

    You can do it! You're already gorgeous, though, and your daughter is adorable as well. But I hear you on wanting to feel comfortable with your body again. Things just don't look the same anymore!

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