19 Apr

My daughter & Kiki are cute!

Friday was the 6th anniversary of when Brett & I started dating! 
Saturday was my half birthday! Half birthdays are when you’re halfway to your birthday. I’m sure you already know this but someone didn’t the other day so I was just making sure.
Brett had an awesome day planned! We got up and got coffee and after getting ourselves ready and Neely ready (which is a looong process lol!) and got in the car. We drove to Mission Bay and Brett had our rollerskates packed in the trunk (with socks and everything!) and the jogging stroller and we went rollerskating! It was sooo fun!

It was SO fun!! We used to skate alllllll of the time but then we stopped. And then I got pregnant so obviously we never skated haha! But OMG I should NOT have rollerskated. They are really serious when they tell you not to exercise for six weeks after a c-section! I was dying all night haha but it was SO worth it!
Then we drove up to Carlsbad and had fish & chips at our favorite place up there!

Here is a picture of Brett & Neely looking at the waves that she’ll surf one day!

Then we went to Babies R Us and bought some things we needed. We spent the rest of the day visiting my aunt and uncle. Having some family near is really great! Neely is SO loved!
It was a perfect day for sure.

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