2 Weeks

7 Apr

Doesn’t she seem much bigger this week?
The past two weeks have been amazing!! Being a stay at home mom is the best job in the world. I can’t imagine ever having to go to work and leaving Neely with someone else! Seeing her new faces and hearing her new sounds is almost magical. That sounds cheesy but it’s true. I never truly thought I’d be here in this place, being a mom, and now that I am, life is so perfect!
I know a lot of people hate people who act like their life is so great, but mine really is. I have God, I have a husband that adores me and I have a perfect little cute daughter. (and I live by the beach and have 2 cute dogs) God is so good.
Speaking of dogs, they’re doing much better with her. When we first brought Neely home, Sinatra was very sad and walked around with hurt feelings. Now he loves her and kisses her when we let him. It’s very cute. Kiki couldn’t care less about her…as long as she still gets lovin and food!
Today we had a plastic surgery consultation because they were worried about her skull but everything is fine. We just have to concentrate on getting her to move her head more to the left because in the womb her head was only on the right and they’re concerned that her head may get flat if we don’t have her spend a lot of time on the opposite side. But that’s great news! No helmet for Neely!
While we were at the doctor’s office, we had an earthquake. 5.5 centered in Baja, which is pretty close. We were on the second floor and the building swayed. It was kind of scary. I used to love earthquakes but now that I have an infant I’m not into them anymore. But we’ve had SO MANY lately. End times??
Okay I better go cuddle my little baby! :)


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