Not What I Was Hoping For…

22 Mar

We had our appointment with the OB today, nice lady.
She did an ultrasound and saw that I have borderline low amniotic fluid.
Neely is still breech and with the amount of fluid in there it’s not very likely that she’ll turn.
They only do c-sections in the 39th week so we have one scheduled for April 7th at 8am.
April 7th is our due date so that kinda sucks since we were hoping to go early!
If I go into labor on my own then the c-section will be sooner. (obviously)
And since my fluid is lowish I have to go twice weekly for NST‘s.
We did one today and Neely was moving great and I even had a few contractions but they found that my fluid was even lower than they thought. The OB thought I was at 8 (normal is 8.1 & above and low is 5 or under) but I’m actually at 7.4 or something. So since that is the newest discovery I’m no longer allowed to walk or cook or clean. Basically anything that keeps me on my feet is off-limits. I need to drink tons of water (I already drink almost 90oz a day) and lay down as much as possible.
My next NST is Thursday and I’ll continue to have them Mondays and Thursdays until I go into labor or have my scheduled c-section.

Kind of disappointing news but at least she seems healthy.


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