1 Mar

She is my amazing wife. You’ve been reading Sarah’s blogs for the last year, and in the last 9 months she has been sounding so excited to be pregnant, happy about life, and genuinely trusting in God’s direction in her life. She really is that great, and she’s going to be the most perfect, cutest mommy. Sarah has an amazing attitude about life, and she cares SO much about other people that it’s insane. These are things I always hope readers know about her, and this was just my chance do write it. So, anyway….

Sarah has been ALL about the baby shows on TV. Every time I’m not watching TV with her she’s watching real stories about people who are starting new families or having their 2nd or 3rd kid. She loves that stuff. We went to our “Child Birth Preparation” class last weekend, and that was super cool. We learned SO much stuff that we didn’t know anything about. I thought that all of those movies where the Mom all of the sudden yells “It’s coming”! and they rush to the hospital with 10 minutes to spare in a stolen taxi was how it really happens every time. I guess it’s not though. I admit that I am a bit nervous. I’m mostly excited, though, to see Neely be born and to share that experience with Sarah. It will probably be more painful for her, I’m pretty sure :-P I’m really glad that I don’t have to go through labor. Women are pretty amazing.
Hopefully I’ll post some more blogs on here… I apologize that this one is a bit random and aimless. It’s my first.
-Brett (Sarah’s man & Neely’s Daddy)

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