4 Feb
Hi…this is a page about weight loss.
Why put that stuff out into the internet? Who cares?
I don’t know…clearly you do!
I just know that honesty about weight is refreshing and I am an open book so…yep.
Newest entries will always be at the top.

Weigh-In Day! I suck!!!
I didn’t lose or gain even an OUNCE! I am exactly the same as last week. Which is good considering how I ate all week. Yesterday I had PIZZA. Why?? Because it was delicious. And I ate other bad high-point crap too. What’s the point of paying for WW if I’m not going to use it?? Stop it, Sarah!! Dummy! :)
This week I’ll be better. I am not sure how much exercising I can/should do since I’m sick but we’ll see!

Today was my weekly weigh-in day. I lost 1 pound this week! Not much but way better than last week when I lost 2 ounces!
I didn’t do very well at eating or exercising.
Why? Well the eating is because I didn’t plan meals.
The exercise is because I pulled my calf muscle so I’ve been trying to rest it. Every time I’ve run since my muscle problem it seems to get re-hurt. So…we’ll see.

I’m 5’2 and have always been pretty tiny.
My normal weight (without starving myself and over-exercising) has always been between 98-105. I actually have a diary entry that reads, “I just weighed myself and I weigh 108. I’m SO FAT!!!”
So yeah, that’s me.
And now I’m a member of Weight Watchers. What happened??
Oh yeah, I am now 30 and I had a baby ten months ago.
I actually was about 116ish before pregnancy and I now weigh 121.
And to you, the normal average height person, that sounds reasonable. But 121 is a LOT of pounds to cram into a little body.
And I have a freaking double chin.
SOOO not attractive. So gross.But my main goal is to feel good about myself. If I can get down to 105 then that’s GREAT but I want to make exercise a part of my daily life and I do not want any more muffin top!!


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