Blog Names

18 Dec

Has anyone ever tried to rename your blog only to find that EVERY SINGLE good name is taken??
And Blogger has a policy to never ever ever ever EVER reuse blog names.
This means that if someone used the name you want and hasn’t posted since 2003, too bad for you.
I want to change the name of my blog to incorporate more than just baby stuff, but every name is taken!! I want to be able to post about Neely, Brett, art, my life, thoughts, etc.
Anyone have any good blog name ideas?
Right now I have 2 separate blogs and it’d be nice to have ONE place to write everything.

Also…if you want to read the blog of a strong beautiful woman, go over to this girl’s blog and soak it all up. She has had a hard time of it lately but still manages to smile and blog.
I consider her a friend even though we’ve only had email/blog contact.
She’s a rad rad woman.


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