About Me

2 Dec

I haven’t blogged lately because I’ve been busy and blogging just hasn’t crossed my mind! I’ll put up the 22 week stuff tomorrow since we didn’t get to take a belly pic today!
I was thinking that unless you know me in real life, you probably don’t know much about me! I always like to feel like I know the person whose blog I’m reading so here you go!

Things About Me You Should Know

  1. I am deeply, crazily in love with Brett. I never blog bad things about our life because to be honest, there aren’t really any bad things. We have had some major struggles but never in regards to our love or our marriage. He is 100% the other half of me. My puzzle piece. Puke if you want, but it’s true and it’s amazing.
  2. I love Jesus. I may not always be right on track with Him but I know my life would be crap without His love and grace. I feel like everyone would love Him if they realized how loving and merciful He is! My life is a testimony to that!
  3. I love music more than most people. I feel music. When I hear a good song it physically affects me. I will ache from it in my heart and in my bones. I don’t play an instrument but music is in my blood all the same.
  4. I am an artist. It took me years to say that, but I am. I paint and draw and I do it because I need to. I tried to make money from it for a minute but I am now refocusing my brain to go back to painting for pleasure and not to make money. I love art. Love.
  5. I love vintage things. We have several cool vintage items in our home (furniture pieces) and I especially love vintage photographs. I like to imagine what the people who owned our furniture or are in the photos were like and what their lives were like. I like to make up stories about them in my head.
  6. I love owls. I don’t have a ton of owl stuff but I love them. I love real owls and owl things.
  7. I have had two miscarriages. Both were the worst times of my life but both taught me a lot about my self and about others. The first was with my ex-husband and it taught me that I’m lucky I didn’t have kids with him (he wasn’t sad to lose our baby), it also taught me that I am strong. The second was in September of 2008 and it taught me that Brett’s love for me is deeper than I can even fathom. It also taught me that God will hold me close even when I am punching His chest and sobbing and throwing tantrums. He’s never turned His back on me. I would not wish this sort of loss upon anyone.  It’s a kind of emptiness and loneliness you’ll never understand unless you’ve gone through it.
  8. I love love the color green. Mostly chartreuse. Not the obnoxious kind either. I also love hot pink. And black.
  9. I love Björk more than any other singer. Ever. I got to see her in concert which was the best show of my life.
  10. I used to write like it was breathing, but something happened inside of me and I no longer have the patience for it. It’s a shame too because loving to write would really help me out with blogging!
  11. I love candy. Probably too much.
  12. My favorite movie is probably The Karate Kid. I just don’t think anything else compares with it! And Ralph Macchio is sooo dreamy!
  13. My dad is a pastor and an author. It was so fun to have a pastor as a dad growing up! I’m not being sarcastic either…I was always a church celeb at whichever church he was pastoring at! My dad’s books are amazing. I don’t know how but every time I read something he has written I am moved. He is also a musician. I spent my entire life listening to his music and am better for it. Hearing his voice is like coming home.
  14. My mom is the person I talk to the most besides Brett. She is the most wonderful compassionate woman I have ever come across. She has joy and happiness that radiates from her. Just a few minutes of talking to her on the phone is enough to brighten my day. She has loved me more deeply than I think most mothers are capable of. She is beautiful and talented and so smart. She has a passion for decorating and can turn any drab wall or entire house into something you’d only see in magazines. I can’t wait for Neely to get to know her and how amazing she is. I am in love with both of my parents!
  15. I read constantly. I have always been a reader. Even when kids thought it was dorky, I couldn’t stop consuming books. In the last 2 days I’ve read a book and a half. It’s so much better than television!

I know that was a lot to get through (if you even made it), but it’s just something I thought I should write! I probably have so much more to say but my hair needs to be dried so I have to go!
Thanks for being my blog or RL friends!


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