16 Nov

If you’re reading this please take a few seconds out of your day to pray for all of my TTC friends. TTC means Trying To Conceive. If you have never been in that boat, if you’ve never lost a baby, if you just sneezed and got pregnant, please understand that the TTC months/years are some of the hardest months/years that a woman can go through. There is nothing more heartbreaking than wanting desperately to be a mommy only to struggle to get pregnant.
Please please pray for all of these women who are going through IVF, mourning their losses, mourning the arrival of their period, mourning the fact that teenagers can easily get pregnant yet so many people who deserve a child have a hard time conceiving.
Please leave a comment if you have whispered a prayer or two…I know that some of my TTC friends check my blog from time to time and I know it would make them feel better to know that they’re not alone.
Love you guys.


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