Moving Bites

3 Nov

We did it! We moved back to the beach! The picture you see to the right is not even half of what we have to go through in the upcoming weeks. TONS of our stuff is still in our backyard because this tiny house won’t fit it all!

– since I’m pregnant I can’t lift anything. ANYTHING. So I have to wait around while people lift for me.
– we live 4 blocks from the beach.
– we can see the ocean from our alley.
– we have a rad backyard that actually has grass. (our old house had only weeds and gross things)
– our new house has no carpet in it.
– we already know our neighbors.
– our community is waaaaaay better than the one we just came from. WAY better.
– I can walk to the library.
– I can walk to the post office.
– I can walk to the grocery store, any restaurant, coffee places, basically anything I want is within walking distance.

– since I’m pregnant I can’t lift anything. ANYTHING. So I have to wait around while people lift for me.
– our landlord decided to not let us wait another week to move in so we moved in Sunday only to find everything a mess.
– they’re laying laminate in the bedrooms so we can’t move anything into either of the bedrooms.
– we are living out of boxes and not able to find anything easily or at all.
– the landlord recaulked the bathtub Sunday and they asked us to wait as long as possible to use the shower.
– all of the laminate supplies are in the bathroom so we couldn’t shower even if we wanted to.
– it’s been 3 days since either of us have showered.
– we lost the screws to our bed frame.
– 2 packages that I ordered were returned because the mail carrier thought we didn’t live here, not even bothering to check the change of address that was submitted 4 days ago.
– all of the stuff in our yard (boxes, furniture, etc.) got wet last night because, guess what? When you live by the ocean you get fog and fog is WET.
– there are spiders and other bugs in said wet stuff..

Obviously I’m VERY VERY happy to be by the beach but does everything have to be such a freaking headache? I hope that when we go to the old house hopefully for the last time today, things are much easier. I just want to have the floors finished, the washer/dryer hook ups installed, washer/dryer purchased, delivered and installed, and do laundry.
Also, on a side bar, I’d REALLY like a certain someone to stop texting my bff and being dramatic. Build a bridge and get over it. Or don’t get over it, just stop involving her in your teenage drama.
I need a nap.  


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