30 Oct

We haven’t really bought any baby stuff yet. Mainly because we don’t know the gender yet and also because my mom always tells me not to because you never know what I’ll get at the shower(s)!
One of the most important items that I want is a co-sleeper.  It is a sort of bassinet that has a side that folds down so you can scoot it next to your bed and the baby is always within arm’s reach! the only problem is that in stores these are about $140 and up. Normally that wouldn’t be bad for a baby item, but this is something you can only use for a couple months because of the weight limit. And because eventually you’ll want your bedroom back to being a grownup only zone!
Last night I decided to check Craigslist just to see if anyone had one for sale. I saw several for $100and then I found one for only $50!! We called them right away and arranged to take a look at it.
The seller set it up for us and showed us how to do everything and it is in PERFECT condition!!

So, everyone, I’d like you to meet our newest addition:

I am not sure when the next time I’ll be on here blogging will be. Yesterday we found out our move out date is SUNDAY. As in 2 days away. We’re almost done packing, and hopefully some of our friends will help with the actual move since I can’t lift a thing.
Wish us luck and pray that God makes everything a smooth transition!
I can’t WAIT to live back at the beach!!

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