19 Oct

(without pics since I was too lazy tired to take any)

On the seventh day of my birth week my true love gave to me,
a trip to Disneyland
my new favorite boots (day 6)
dinner with rad friends (day 5)
an outfit from H&M (day 4)
a Blick gift card,
my favorite candy bar,
and a cute scarf from H&M!

It was an AWESOME birthday!!!
The flash on our camera broke a year ago and we haven’t gotten it fixed yet so at Disneyland we had to take the old-school route and use a disposable camera. I’ll post pics as soon as we get them developed!
On the baby side of things my belly is growing! I am starting to look pregnant! Woohoo! I bought my first pair of maternity jeans yesterday! I just need to get them hemmed (I’m 5’2) and then I will FINALLY be soooo comfy!! I have several belly bands  but it’s SO uncomfortable to sit down…the belly gets all squished and the zipper presses into me…it’s not good. So, yay! I can’t wait to wear them every single day!! 
I’ve also been having round ligament pain which is cool! It means my uterus is growing. 
I love being pregnant. I love everything about it!
I can’t WAIT until November 13th, that’s when we’ll find out the sex! 


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