[birth week] |day.3|

14 Oct

On the third day of my birth-week, my true love gave to me,
a Blick gift card,
my favorite candy bar,
and a cute scarf from H&M

This is actually a verry cute story.
He emailed me this morning saying he didn’t forget today’s gift, I would just have to wait until he got home tonight.
So I went and got my eyebrows done today and when I went to the front to pay the girl said, “Your ticket’s been taken care of courtesy of your husband.” And she handed me the envelope you see above and said, “Happy Birthday!”
Brett had gone during a lunch break and paid for my brows and set this up for me!!
Not only is that the cutest and sweetest thing EVER, but he is REALLY sick on top of it and he still puts me first!
God has given me the greatest man alive.

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