5 Oct

The last few days have been soo crazy in my family.
The world has turned upside down.
Through it all, God is good and what He does is good.
And what He is going to do is good.
I’m so glad that I don’t have to have any of the answers, I just have to have LOVE.
So often we are quick to point fingers and hate but it’s much better to love. And it will cause less wrinkles!
I love my family fiercely.

The baby seems to be good…I was at a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party and she said you can totally tell I’m pregnant!! That is music to my ears!! I’m guessing in about 3 weeks I should have a small belly that strangers will be able to see! I really wanted a belly by my birthday but I don’t think that’ll happen since my birthday is October 17th!

I really can’t believe this is the last birthday in my twenties. I never thought I’d be this old! I know it’s not old, but I never thought of myself as being 30 or almost 30.
28 was one of the hardest years of my life, I’ll be glad to say goodbye to it! It had some happiness mixed in too, but it was mostly hard.

I am SO thankful first of all for God’s grace and mercy. Secondly, for my husband. I wish there was a better word than “husband” because so many times husbands are mean, cheaters, lazy, etc. My best friend Brett is the most selfless, caring, hard working man that was ever created. I am thankful every single day that he exists and that God chose me to be the lucky girl by his side forever. I am so over the moon for him it’s not even funny. I’ll write a longer post on him later, I just wanted to let you know that I’m grateful and so incredibly happy with him.
Love and life are good.
But not as good as God!!


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