Body Pillows

24 Sep

I am a hard core stomach sleeper. I have to be on my stomach, usually with my head facing the direction away from Brett (more air that way), left arm straight down at my side and ride arm holding the sheet/comforter close to my chin. Weird, yes, negotiable, no.
So I have always wondered what I will do when I start getting a belly. I hear it’s bad (duh) to sleep on your stomach and I canNOT fall asleep on my back, unless I’m dead tired, so what is a girl to do?

I’ve heard all about those bump pillows, but the one in the picture on the right is FORTY DOLLARS. Forty dollars for THAT?!?!?! The one on the left is not only WAY TOO BIG but it’s FIFTY DOLLARS!!!! I could take some ugly material and cheap stuffing and make one for $10-15! But I’m not going to. Why? Because I’m pregnant and tired! :-)

So…I think I will go the route of a normal every day body pillow. Walmart has this one for under $20. And since I’m short petite, it should work juuuuust fine.
I think the maternity industry is crazzzzzy. And the women who buy all of this crap are craaaaaazy. I was at a fancy maternity boutique the other day and saw some cute things, naturally I head to the sales rack because I know by now that paying full price for maternity clothes is never really necessary. Okay, maybe sometimes it is but not in my world. So, flipping through the clothes I notice a cotton blouse that is cute because it has some detailing around the collar. I look at the sale price and it was EIGHTY DOLLARS ON SALE!! WTH?! Are they joking?? Even Preggy Pop Drops (which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone with morning sickness) were $8 for 12 candies. A Pea in the Pod sells 21 for about $5. Crazy. Do they think that all of the sudden once you get pregnant you also grow a money tree? Seriously?
Well anyway…one day soon I’m going to buy a body pillow and I’ll let you know how it works.


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