New Template!

11 Aug

I get bored often so I’ve been wanting a 3 column template for a while. Today I saw this cute one!
One day I will get to the point where I will pay someone to make my blog cute but for now this is fine by me (and free!)!
Life in San Diego has been good.
Last Wednesday night Brett and I took the dogs to Balboa Park and some astronomy club happened to be there. They had all of their telescopes set up for anyone to look through! We saw the full moon, Jupiter and a star that had died! Did you know that when stars die they emit green gas? I didn’t know that either but it was pretty cool to see!
We went to Balboa Park on Thursday night as well and watched a swing band perform! There were elderly couples dancing all around; it made me so happy. I always romanticize everything in my mind. “Oh look at them,” I think to myself, referring to a couple in their eighties, “They probably met after the War and are reminiscing about how they used to dance together. They probably have danced through their home their entire life!” What is it about elderly people that makes me automatically think that they’re great people and have lived a good life? For all I know the guy could be a wife abuser and he’s just putting on a show! I prefer my train of thought to reality. :)
I hope your week has been filled with pleasant thoughts!


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