My Favorite Blog

31 Jul

Out of my 3 blogs, this is my favorite. This is where I can be real and not be looked down on for not having hope or for being sad.
That said, I DO have hope and I am NOT sad!
Why? Because God has given me peace. What a crazy thought. Inside of my mind it’s like laying in a hammock overlooking the ocean. Calm, relaxing, peaceful. It happened Monday night, while I was watching this church service online. All of the sudden I knew that I would get pregnant soon and if it’s not super soon, that’s okay. God has His perfect plan and I get to be a part of it!
I know I’ve said things like this before, but this time it’s for real. No more freaking out or looking at my life in despair. I love my life and I love the baby that I haven’t yet held.
Brett and I have been praying for our future child. Before he is born, even conceived, we want him to have an intense love for God in his heart. We want him to be a light for the darkness in the world. That’s all that really matters, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what my children will be when they grow up, it doesn’t matter what they look like, all that matters is that they love God above all else.
I have peace that passes all understanding.
I am so thankful that God loves me so much to care about giving me peace.
I am content.


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