A Great Dream

5 Feb

Last night I dreamed that we had a son.
His name was Miles (that’s what we’ll name our future son) and he was three days old.
He had a lot of brown hair and he looked just like my dad when my dad was a baby.
He was sooo cute and all I could do was stare at him and kiss him.
I was able to breast feed and I was like hmm this doesn’t hurt as bad as everyone says. It’s kind of cool to not have to buy formula.
I was so incredibly happy.
When I woke up I was sad to find that it was a dream and I really missed him.

I didn’t add that in my dream an older woman kept saying, “He looks like Isaac.” over and over. I was like, “No, this is Miles.” and she said, “He looks like Isaac.”
I told my mom about this and she said, “Sarah, Isaac was the baby God gave to Sarah in the Bible. Maybe Miles is your Isaac.”
My eyes immediately filled with tears because it rang true to my heart.
So I was thinking about the dream all day and realized, this is the third son reference I’ve received in three months.

  1. December 23: My mom was given the verse Isaiah 9:6- For to us a child is born, to us a son is given. and every time it ran through her mind, she immediately thought of me.
  2. January 7: I decided to start reading the One Year Bible and on THAT DAY was the story of Abraham and Sarah. The verse that really stuck out to me was Genesis 18:14- Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return about this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.
  3. February 5: the dream I had last night.
I texted my mom and asked her if the number 3 has significant meaning to God and she said yes and to Google it. So I did and here is what I found from this website:
click to see clearly

Isn’t that amazing????
I’m not saying that this means I’m pregnant or that I’ll get a son soon, but I am SO hopeful that I will be given a son one day. And he will be so loved.


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